Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Karina Dresses Review

Ok let's face it.  What lady doesn't like getting dressed up in a cute dress and heading out for a date with the hubby or simple just to look nice at a family function?  I know that I do.  The only problem that I have with dressing up now is: that I am a MOMMY.

Do you realize just how hard it is these days to find a cute dress that you can wear to a function and not worry about if your baby spits up on it or if greasy peanut butter and jelly fingers happen to pull at the hem of your dress?  Good gracious, if that were to happen, we would then have to take our dress to the dry cleaners or hand wash it.  Who has the time to do that?

I have come across this great dress designer and company located in New York City called : Karina Dresses.  Karina and her employees specialize in designing and creating cute dresses for women of all ages from 18-80.  Yes, these dresses are machine washable (my favorite part) and wrinkle free.  Here is a little information taken directly from their website:

"Karina Cousineau, New York designer, started her company in 2007 with the vision of creating dresses for every woman.  After years of working in production and design, Karina felt that it was time to go solo with a line that celebrates women from 18-80, making every "body" could feel and look great, no matter what shape or size.

Handmade in New York City from limited fabric, the customized line is classic and fashion-forward.  With an on-going dialogue and input from store owners and clients, Karina Designs creates a true feeling of a specialized collection with great attention to fit, quality, and style as well as easy care and easy wear.

Whether you live in the country or the city, the dresses will breeze you through a busy day straight into the night, feeling beautiful."

Karina Design sent me two of their dresses to review and I love them.  I love having a couple of dresses that look nice enough to wear to a wedding or simple enough for a night out to dinner with my husband.  While trying on the dresses, my husband took a few quick photos of me before he headed off to work.  But, what happened after that, is what I really want you to listen to.  

Earlier when I was saying that I love how these are machine washable, I really meant it and didn't know that I would be needing to use that great feature as soon as I tried them on.  Within 10 minutes of having one of the dresses on, I went to go change my 8 month old son's diaper and guess what happened?  Yep, you got it.  A streamline of pee came shooting at me all over the dress.  I would have been so upset if it was a dry clean only dress, but since I knew that I could easily throw it in the washer, I laughed instead.

The Karina dresses come in a wide variety of styles and designs.  Here are just a few examples of them:

So, as you can see, Karina dresses have plenty of designs and pattern choices for just about every lady out there.  Head on over to their website and/or their Facebook page and check out even more styles of your preference and for your body type.  

Karina dresses website: karinadresses.com
Karina dresses facebook page: Karina Dresses

Keep an eye out on the blog for a giveaway from Karina dresses in the future.  Hint hint :)


PAM said...

Pretty dresses! I love spring dresses.

Brian & Sherry said...

Well said, you look beautiful in these dresses!

Tonyhilc said...

Well said, you look beautiful in these dresses!